Saturday, February 7, 2009

Flinstone Chewables

It just so happens that the babies are exactly 15 months apart, so we got to take them both for well-visits yesterday. Josie had her 2 year old visit and Wesley had his 9 month old visit. Neither of these required shots, which was GREAT!

Josie's stats:

Weight: 25 lbs 0.5 oz (25%)
Height: 35" (75%)
Head Circumferance: 18.5" (20%)

Wesley's stats:

Weight: 22 lbs (70%)
Height: 28.5" (55%)
Head Circumferance: 18.25 (75%)

Notice that my baby only weighs three pounds less than his sister. Their sizes are total opposite. Josie also had her iron levels checked, and they are back to normal, so she no longer has to take the nasty iron vitamins that stain everything and make everything smell like metal. Thank goodness. Flintstone Chewables, here we come.

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