Monday, February 23, 2009

Holistic Medicine?

I'm afraid to even title this post with "holistic" in it because that word kind of scares me. But, this winter, we have passed colds back and forth and then back and forth again. I don't know if its because we have two babies that are around the same age or if its because Josie is in Preschool, but if someone sneezes, it seems like we are going to catch the cold.

We try our hardest to be a "natural" family. We grow a garden (although not to be "natural" but more for the taste of home grown just can't buy them to taste that way), we compost our food scraps, we recycle, etc.

I also believe in as little medical intervention as is posible. I fought HARD to have a VBAC with Wes. I found a midwife in our area who believed in me and lo and behold (after 26 hours of labor) Wesley arrived....NOT via C-section.

On the other hand though, I believe doctors are trained to know sickness and I would love to trust that they do what is best for my monkeys...but do they? Can they possibly know what's going on after a 5 min visit and a light shown into our ears?

All this being said, since we've been sick so much this winter, it feels like we're on antibiotics every other week. The amount of antibiotics that my children are taking has me worried. Should the doctors be looking at something else? Or is this a product of having two small children and them being exposed to hoards of other small children at Preschool?

We take vitamins, we eat healthily (Josie hates candy), we exercise and spend at least an hour outside unless its bitterly cold (and that rarely happens in SC). I'm at a loss...I don't know what to there a magic "natural" approach to medicine that I need to look into? Is there a doctor in this area that will tell me when to look into natural remedies and when we really do need to take antibiotics?

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