Wednesday, February 11, 2009

What We Get to Come Home To

Monday, Dave was off work. Josie had a rash from an allergic reaction to an antibiotic that she was taking the week previously for an ear infection, so she got to stay home with Daddy all day. They both picked Wes up from the sitter's early. So on my drive home, I'm thinking thoughts like, "Man, I hope Dave cleaned out the dishwasher so I don't have to do it." or "It would be great if he's already straightened the house up so we can just relax tonight." Those thoughts of "how much he got done today" went straight out of my mind when I get to come home to this:

Josie was pushing Wes around in the stroller as if it was her baby doll. She was saying things to him like "Sit back Wes" and "Don't cry Wes....shhh". I don't know why it was so adorable to me, but it was. After I started snapping a few shots, Josie wasnted to get in the stroller with him, so this is what we ended up pushing all around our yard: Yes, we do have a double stroller for both of them. This is the stroller we used when we just had Josie. It was at BobBob's house from when we lived with her and we just got it moved back to our house (that's what she gets for having such a big house with so much storage....items get left there, accidently). Anyway, we just brought it to our house and we were going to haul it up to the "baby storage area" (yes, we do have a designated storage area for baby stuff at our house....that's what happens when you have two so close together...and yes, it is almost full of clothes, extra car seats, pack-n-plays, old toys, etc.) Josie saw it before we could get it put away and she thought of the excellent idea of pushing Wes around in it. It entertained both of them for about 30 min....I'd like to say long enough for me to get the chores done that I had talked about previously in this post, but I stood there and watched the two of them instead....chores are made to be postponed, right?

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  1. The chores will always be there so enjoy the time with Wes and Josie. Looked like a fun afternoon.