Monday, March 16, 2009

Our Pops is Famous for....

bringing home someone else's tossed away treasures. When we were all young, my dad brought home a doll house that he proudly announced someone else was throwing away (which means he found it at the dump). My mom Lysol-ed the dollhouse for hours. Finally it was ready to be played with. And boy did we. We played with that dollhouse until we were probably much older than we'd like to admit.

Well, last week when the weather was beautiful our Pops brought us someone else's tossed away treasures. This push car and lawnmower. When I drove in the driveway and saw these treasures sitting outside the garage, I immediately called Pops and asked him "What had he brought home now?" Don't worry, we also Lysol-ed and washed. But again, the babies played for hours. They don't care where the toys come from.

Thanks Pops for always being on the look-out for someone else's tossed away treasures.

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  1. Love it! My grandaddy used to do the same thing. Growing up, my cousin and I had lots of toys and babydolls from the dump across the street.

    Your babies are precious!