Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Still Celebrating

Birthday's in the King family can get a little wild. Next to Christmas and Easter, these are the most celebrated days of the year. Its the only day that one person gets all the special attention and we try really hard to let that person know how special they are on their birthday. Dave is a little new to this because they do birthdays a little more low key in his family. Dave worked (nights, yuck) on his birthday, so his celebration was slightly delayed at the King house, but we "lived it up" last night. I think he really enjoyed himself. I know the babies did. And I know everyone else in the King family did.

Josie enjoys anyone's birthday....she takes a personal interest to make sure she's there when the candles are being blown out and when the presents are being opened. She treats each birthday as if it were her own...

Wesley enjoyed some BobBob and Pops love while Josie was destracted with the birthday celebration.

And I really think Pops has some big plans for Wes...having 3 daughters and even a female cat, Pops is glad to add a little testosterone to the bloodline...turkeys beware, Pops is gonna teach Wes one day.

Josie and Matt posing for the camera....

While Jess is busy making our second child as wild as our first.

Seriously....we are so close to walking....

A very good time was had by all. Pops cooked a wonderful dinner as he always does and it was especially nice that all of the family was in the same house together. We love getting together and will find any excuse to do it...especially celebrating someone's birthday.

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  1. I have commented to you only once before noting the similarities in our families...btw, my maiden name is King. :)