Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Wordless Wednesday...

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  1. I love the bedhead! I have similiar pics. I stumbled across your blog this evening and have spent quite a bit of time browsing. I wish that I had journaled, scrapped, or blogged when my babies were this age. The more I read the more similarities I found.

    You see, mine are also 15mo apart...they are now 10 & 11. Girl older than boy. I live 1500mi from my grandparents and make the trip once a year so my kids will know their great grandparents altough they aren't quite 90 yet. My hubby even also turned 30 the same year our daughter turned 2. I even did a double take on the nutter butter dessert for grandpas bday. My dad would LOVE something like that! :)

    You have a beautiful family. The blog will be wonderful to look back on one day. The time truly flies.

    May you continue to be blessed.