Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Happy Birthday Matt

Once again, the King family celebrates a birthday. There's gotten to be so many of us that this is almost a monthly celebration.

Erica (my sister)'s husband Matt turned 30. Just kidding, Matt. Seriously, he turned 26 and is upset about it. Can you believe it. Says he's on the downhill slide to 30. Of course, we like to rub it in because he gets so upset about it. Anyway, last Tuesday was his birthday. And what a wonderful one it was (for reasons they'll have to tell you about on their blog). Anyway, we celebrated last night.

This was Josie after she found out that Matt blew out his own birthday candles. How dramatic.

So like a good spoiled child, everyone felt sorry for her and let her blow them out (it pays to cry sometimes).

Matt wanted trees for his yard, so we got him one and then gift cards to Lowes and Home Depot to finish out the forrest.

And this is Wes, just hanging out and watching how spoiled Josie is and wondering how he can become that way too.

Erica invited us to her house for jerk chicken, the fixin's, and some yummy dessert. There's something about getting together with family that makes a Monday so much easier.

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