Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Lake Livin'

We put our boat in the water for the first time in 2009. Once again, Josie loved the water. She jumped right in (literally) and swam until she was exhausted.
Wes was exhausted from eating breakfast that morning, so he "jumped right in" to his morning nap.

Josie played in the water, then we ate a snack on the lake. For lunch we went back to BobBob's house and tried to take naps. All of the adults rotated naps while the babies played quietly (ha!). Then, we went back out for a second round on the lake. The babies could take no more. They slept for our afternoon boat ride. We rode for about an hour with them sleeping.

Hopefully this Lake Livin' cycle will repeat itself numerous times in 2009.

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