Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Isle of Palms

Saturday we took a day trip family vacation (with Dave's family) to the Isle of Palms. We thought that it would be horrendous to travel to the beach for a day (with two little babies), but since we only live 2 hours away, we figured we should really take advantage of it. Plus, it was Jed's (Dave's sister's son) birthday.

So, to the beach, we went. The babies were very good on the ride down and the ride back (they slept most of the ride back). And the "in between time at the beach"?....well, you be the judge....

They had a ball...

Josie had to be buried in the sand (just like Jed).

Wes just wanted to walk back and forth and back and forth and back and forth in the water. And both of them would've walked neck deep in the water had we let them...I'm telling ya'll these are water bugs....

We had an absolutely wonderful time and are already planning our next trip back with Shannon and crew in August. The Isle of Palms was beautiful and honestly wasn't too crowded. Our family was wonderful and besides a couple of hiccups the "day beach trip" turned out a great success.

Stay tuned for more beach. We're Edisto-bound on Friday with BobBob and Pops!!

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