Thursday, July 30, 2009

Some of my Favorites

Pictures, that is....from Edisto this past weekend:

Josie loves to swim. The waves would knock you down, but once you got past them, it was rather calm. She would cry for you to take her in the water, and she would cry when you got out. She loves the water.

Josie has always been a daddy's girl, but when Wes was born, he stuck right under momma. Not been the case lately. Apparently, they both favor daddy....that's ok, I would favor him over me too.

And its hard to tell who has more fun, Edwin or the babies. He's definitely a kid at heart.

The boys are "on duty"....never mind the drinks in their hands...they were totally capable.

Josie is obsessed with being buried in the sand.

She also feels the need to clean wherever she is (except in her own house).

And because I love him so so much...

And what would a post be without a picture of Wes doing what he enjoys most.

As always, we enjoyed ourselves at the beach. We would get to the beach early morning and leave late afternoon. Never a peep out of these two, except when we'd start packing up. They love this life....

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