Monday, October 5, 2009

Gone Shrimping

That's where we were all weekend (well, since Wednesday afternoon)....shrimping!

The weather was beautiful and we caught 3/4 to a full cooler every day we were out.

Everyone had a job....Dave and BobBob were our net throwers.

Pops was our boat driver.

And the babies were just along for the ride....

When they weren't sleeping on the boat, they were examining the shrimp (note the sucker in one hand and shrimp in the telling what was going through his head) and other sea creatures caught in the net.

Josie's favorite job was to throw the fish that we caught in the net "back to their mommas and daddies."

We had a great time!! Beautiful weather, wonderful friends and family, lots of big ole doesn't get much better.

Well, it would've been better if Clemson hadn't lost a game that Maryland was trying to give them, but all is well, we came home with 4 coolers of shrimp anyway.

(I had to throw that in there for my Yankee family...I know they read this blog).

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  1. Yes... the Yankees read your blog. And LOVE it! (But, personally, don't give a hoot about football.)