Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Happy Birthday to JoJo...MmmmHmmmm

JoJo turned 79 on Monday. Most women don't like to share their age, but JoJo is proud of her 79 years on this earth. And if I can be half the woman she has been, then I'll always be darn proud of my years on this earth too.

This woman is amazing. At 79, she can, by far, outwork her 3 grandchildren and their spouses. The woman can cook nearly anything. And she can take a dead plant and turn it into a showcase. There is hardly ever a Sunday when she's not in church. And she INSISTS on keeping one of the babies one afternoon a week ("so they don't forget their JoJo" as she puts it).

We had her party on Friday night...oyster stew and crab bake. It was delicious. Josie is under JoJo's feet all the time, so JoJo and was the ultimate afternoon for Josie.

This is JoJo's reaction after Josie proudly announced, "JoJo, open this one. Its a watch. I helped Mommy wrap it."

By the way, if you haven't figured it out yet, Josie is JoJo's namesake. I love this woman so much that I named my first born child after her. Seriously.

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