Saturday, December 26, 2009

Christmas Excitement

We hope everyone had a very blessed and merry Christmas. We certainly did. We started our celebrations on Christmas Eve with a lunch at Dave's grandmother's. Then, we followup with dinner at JoJo's and a Chinese gift exchange. Then we scurry off to Dave's aunt's where the adults draw names and the children get gifts. Finally we end up at Dave's mother's house where we all exchange gifts. (Yes this is still Christmas Eve.) In all the excitement, I didn't get many pictures, but here is one of Josie opening gifts at Dave's aunt's house.

Christmas Day is a lot less hectic which (we appreciate) because it gives us time to slow down and remember why we are celebrating. After reading the Christmas story, we began to open gifts at our house. Josie had been asking all year for a camera, and much to her excitement, she got one.

So much of the rest of the day, looked like this...

(No, that's not a brand new digital camera...its a hand me down...but she LOVES it). We opened the rest of the gifts at our house and then the grandparents came over to inspect everything we had gotten. We played with all of our new toys and then mid-day got dressed and went to BobBob & Pops's.

Wes finally sacked out there after 2 full days of Christmas excitment. We had to wake him up at 6 (after dinner) so that we could open presents.

It didn't take him long to get into the "opening presents" spirit.

We had a lovely Christmas and are still celebrating. Happy Birthday Jesus!!

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