Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Josie's First Christmas Cantata

For weeks, we've all heard the songs...

"Little Grey Donkey, Little Grey Donkey, on the way to Bet-Le-Hem. Little Grey Donkey, Little Grey Donkey, clip clop, clip, clop" (while making the clopping noises by patting her legs).

We were so excited and anxiously anticipating our baby girl's singing debut. Her preschool class was putting on a Christmas Cantata (well, just 4 songs).

Josie even gave us instructions. "Here's when the mommy's and daddy's will clap. Not us, just the mommy's and daddy's."

"Mary, Mary, sing to your Baby Jesus. Mary, Mary, sing to your baby Jesus" (while pretending to cradle a baby in her arms).

We knew the songs from her singing them to us in the car, at bedtime, in the shower.

"Gloria. Gloria. Angels sing to the Baby Jesus. Gloria. Gloria. Angels sing to the Baby Jesus" (while flailing, ahem, I mean waving, her arms in the air like an angel).

Monday morning at 11 am, our baby girl made her debut. Both of her parents, her grandparents (BobBob & Pops) and even her great-grandmother (JoJo) were in the audience. We were certain she was going to sing loud.

She walked out with her class and stood on the stage and this is what we got...

No cradling her Baby Jesus, no flailing (I mean waving) her arms like an angels, no clip clopping, and certainly no singing....nothing. Just this face.....

Although she did once again give us a private concert when she was in the comfort of just our presence....

Josie. You never can tell what that girl is going to do.

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