Friday, January 8, 2010


Josie and Wes got tents for Christmas from Aunt CaCa (Erica) and Uncle Matt. The day after Christmas the babies insisted that we put the tents up in their rooms.

Wes's has a train set and some tractors inside and he uses his for a play area.

Josie's has her sleeping bag and books inside and she uses hers during our daily "rest time". We read a book around 12:30 and then she "rests" inside her tent (usually falling asleep) for a couple of hours. Yesterday I tried to sneak upstairs to take a picture of her while she was sleeping. She'd been quiet for nearly an hour. I tiptoed up the stairs, quietly pushed the door open and looked through my viewfinder......

At least she does rest and play quietly for a while.


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  2. Glad they love their tents! Soon 'Who-ston' will be able to 'rest' with them!