Thursday, September 2, 2010

The Nature Library

On our visit to North Carolina this past weekend, we went to a wonderful nature library in a small town, Liberty.

We read books about birds, trees, snakes, and all kinds of other cool things in nature.

But the best part about this library is that it was donated in honor of my grandmother, Maxine F. King. She was a librarian in her small hometown, Franklinville, for years. I LOVED getting to sit behind the librarian's desk when we'd go visit with Grandma. After she passed away in 2003, my grandfather started collecting books in her honor. They originally resided at a nature center near the coast of North Carolina. Recently, the library has found a special place of honor in the hometown of my aunt, Liberty, NC.

Josie and Wes had a great time reading the books and discovering the stories inside this little gem of a library.

My grandmother would've been so proud of their love of books and nature. What a great way to honor a wonderful woman.

Josie and Wes will never know their Great Grandmother King, but I can tell you with a lot of certainty that she would've "eaten them up". She certainly spoiled me, and for that I'm so grateful. My view of a book (as simple as they may seem to some) would not have been the same without her influence.

And I'm glad I can pass that love down to my children. Her legacy lives on.

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