Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Making Sauerkraut

We're German....or our ancestors were we still eat a good bit of German food. Its a staple in JoJo's cuisine.

And since we like to make a lot of foods from scratch, last weekend we spent one afternoon making sauerkraut! We cut the cabbage (with the help of little hands of course).

And then packed it tightly into a crock jar. After adding some salt and some sugar on top, we'll let it ferment for a couple of weeks (we store ours under our house where its cool).

We'll can it once its ready and then we'll have a year's worth of sauerkraut to eat! MMMMMMM.

(And yes, Wes put his shoes on himself.....wrong foot and two different colors. He likes to do that because they are his two favorite colors).

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