Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Today we laid to rest our Granddaddy King, Josie and Wesley's great-grandfather.

He enjoyed the blog for two reasons. The most obvious was to see pictures and hear stories of his GREAT grandchildren (his children would print off the latest blog post and bring it to him to read).

The underlying reason he enjoyed the blog was because it was my way of writing. Granddad was an author....a very talented author. He always said anyone could write if they found something that they enjoyed enough to document.

Apparently, I've found something worth writing about....the account of my children's lives. And I think he appreciated that I was documenting our family.

After listening to the amazing stories people told of his life today, I hope to find more things to document. Life is full of great tales, just waiting to be told.

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  1. Oh Brandy, this post brought tears to my eyes. Your grandaddy sounds like an amazing man! Continue to write and continue to bring him joy!