Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Goodbye Pa

We've had a rough week.....

We've had to say goodbye to Pa Frick. He lost his battle with a nasty nasty cancer last Wednesday. We honored him over the weekend with a beautiful funeral service.

Its hard to explain what kind of man Wendel Frick was.....to us he was just Pa....our beloved Pa. To others he was an uncle, cousin, friend, helper, builder, fixer, brother. But to us he was Pa.

We will miss him more and more as the days go on, but right now our cries are turning to smiles as we think of him (which I always think is a sign of a great man).

He turned my husband into a wonderful man and a GREAT father. He fixed almost anything you could throw his way. He was a house builder back when builders actually used hammers. He was a carpenter at the University of South Carolina (where he built the lockers for the football and basketball teams). He was a collector of all sorts of things (and this is an understatement). He was a provider for his family and a loving husband. He was a child of God whom he is now with.

'Till later Pa Frick.

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  1. I am so very sorry for your loss.