Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Happy Birthday Josie!

Josie's birthday was Sunday and boy did we do it up (like we usually do for birthdays). She had several parties.....one at Grandma's and one at BobBob's (and word on the street is that JoJo wants to have one for her too when she gets home from the hospital).

Josie's big gift from us this year was a dollhouse, so most of the family got her furniture and dolls to go along with it (a whole post on that later).

Josie is such a ham and has said things like, "Momma are my arms longer now that I'm 4?" (as she stretches her arm past the end of her shirt) or "Momma can you hold me? My legs hurt cause they've been holding me for 4 years now." (how untrue is that statement! ha!)

She also compares her height with everyone and tells people proudly that she can now wear size 4 clothing (by the way, I'm so glad adult clothing sizes don't increase at each birthday....or theoretically its not supposed to, I guess).

We have certainly enjoyed the first 4 years of our Butterbean's life. She has filled a lot of voids that we didn't even know we had.

And we are eternally grateful to be her guardians on this earth.

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