Wednesday, January 19, 2011


Last week, we (the deep south) were hit with yet another snow storm for the year. We got 7" of snow (which is about the most I can ever remember). The kids didn't go to school ALL WEEK LONG.

The first day of the snow, the babies played outside and made the usual snowman and had snowball fights. But after the first day, the snow turned into a hard layer of ice (slick, hard to walk on, ice). Since the babies (and Dave and I) didn't want to be cooped up in the house all day long, we put on our snow suits and had fun with the ice.

After watching The Weather Channel at work, Dave saw that the BEST type of sled was a piece of plexiglass.

So, he scrounged around the homestead and found two pieces (or it may have been one that he broke, I'm not sure).

And then found a gently sloping hill.

And we were off....for DAYS worth of sliding fun.

As you can see, he would have the babies put their arms and legs in the air (so they wouldn't touch the ice) and they looked like little penguins sliding down the hill on their bellies.

What fun we can have!!!

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