Tuesday, February 8, 2011

The Circus is in Town!

We took the babies to see the Circus on Sunday (Jamil Circus....and it was GREAT). My favorite part was the tigers (of course). The guy in the cage had 7 tigers all at once and he'd work with them one at a time, turning his back to the others of course. I was so nervous.

Josie begged for a pony ride the entire time, so Dave and I finally caved in. She had a look of terror on her face the entire time she was riding so I'm not quite sure it was worth our $5/child (remind me to buy a pony and charge kids to ride it...geesh....but it all goes towards the Shriners and their good work).

The stars of the show....the elephants....check out the baby one on the end. She was so cute!

Wesman LOVED every bit of the circus. He got a little ancy because it was around naptime and after church (he was throughly confused as to why we were going to the circus and not JoJo's for our usual Sunday dinner), but if you ask him if he enjoyed the Circus he shakes his head yes (crazily).

I think Josie was most happy that her BFF, Karli (we used to live next to Karli and her parents), was there too.

What a great Sunday afternoon outing!

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