Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Our Newest Adventure

Grandma has a HUGE pond. Actually she has 4 HUGE ponds. Pa used to keep ducks there, but in the last couple of years they had dwindled down. He kept saying, "I need to get more ducks," but never did it. So today, we fulfilled his request.

Baby ducks are nearly impossible to find around here, so when we saw they were selling them at our local Tractor Supply, our interest started growing. Last week, they had mallards, which we didn't really want because they will fly away. This week, they had Pekins and we're hoping they'll be better pets.
They'll reside in our garage under the warmth of a heat lamp until they're big enough (and its warm enough outside). Josie and Wes are delighted by this new adventure. We've all been begging for chickens for quite a while and I think Dave believes this will curb our interest. :) Either way, it'll be a fun learning experience for us all and hopefully in 8 weeks or so, Grandma will have 6 new ducks residing on her pond.

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