Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Busy Busy Times

We had the most blessed weekend EVER!  Sunday, obvious to most, was Easter.  But not obvious to most, it was Wesley's birthday also.  We started his celebration on  Thursday because Dave was working on Easter (he was off only on Thursday).  Wes blew out candles on no less than 5 different birthday cakes.  He's a loved boy.  And it was very fitting that his birthday was on Easter.  After all, it was Wes that taught me all about God's plan vs my plan.  

We had the normal Easter celebrations, such as dying eggs.

And actually, we did that at 3 different houses.  The monkeys didn't complain a bit though....why would they?

The weekend was also filled with Easter egg hunts and gymnastic birthday parties.  It was GREAT!  We've been working a lot on our garden and raising chicks, so we haven't spent much time documenting our activities (there's only one parent these days as Dave is working 6 days/week...whew Momma is tired).  We'll do our best to keep you all updated.

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