Tuesday, April 5, 2011


Before I had kids (and thought myself brilliantly smart and knew everything about childcare), I swore that I would NOT let my kids play any sort of gaming system. Josie and Wesley's aunt, ShaSha, asked if she could get Josie and Wes Leapsters for Christmas. After reading how educational they were, I changed my "before having kids" decree to allow only educational gaming systems. And oh my , how they LOVE their Leapsters. And they learn!

We definitely limit the time they can play and honestly, they don't ask to play with them often (we keep them put up for the majority of the time), but every time we get them down/out its like a BRAND NEW TOY! And these things have SAVED us on some long car trips lately. And as brilliant as I may have thought myself before I had kids (and knew EVERYTHING there was to know about childcare), I definitely take back my "no gaming system" decree. Thanks ShaSha!

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