Thursday, June 16, 2011

Tractor Auction

This past weekend, we packed up and headed north to the rolling hills of Tennessee for an estate auction of a tractor collector.  There were over 50 tractors to be sold, as well as LOTS of plows and other old stuff.

So, the kids and I set up camp at the back of the crowd (under a shade tree), and Dave watched intently up front waiting to pounce on the "good deals". 

Josie and Wes were so so good.  They entertained themselves the whole time either playing with toy tractors or reading their magazines or just playing in the dirt (basically the same things we do at home except we were under a shade tree in a big beautiful field).

At the end of the day we were pooped.  We bought two tractors and a plow, and it was a long 4 hour ride home, most of which Josie and Wes spent snoozing in the back seat of the truck.

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