Thursday, October 27, 2011

Happy Birthday MOMMY!

Mommy turned the big 3.0. yesterday...and MAN, what a day!  There's no better way to spend a birthday than with your family.  Hands down.

My family surprised me with a sushi making night.  BobBob and Pops did lots of internet research (hilarious considering neither of them have ever eaten, nor really have the appetite for sushi).  Erica and Jess gathered all the supplies and we went to town making our rolls.

And if I do say so, they turned out quite nicely (note the laptop in the background giving us instructions).  BobBob and Pops even fell in love with sushi!

After dinner we had our birthday apple pie (complete with 3 little kids eager to blow out candles, one of which blew them all out before we even finished the second syllable of Happy in the birthday song...and then proceeded to clap for himself like he had done something spectacular....not naming any names (H)).

But alas, we relit and got through the whole song (only cause Erica held Houston far enough away) and then they all blew the candles out together.

And no, I didn't freak out at all about turning the big 3.0. To me, its an honor....look at what I've been blessed with thus far in my life...and my thinking is it can only get better, right?  Thanks for the birthday!

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