Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Let's go Huntin' Pops

Last week, Wes asked Pops if he could go hunting with him.  Pops planned everything to a tee and we made sure Wes had a great nap one afternoon after school.

After the nap, Wes carefully picked out his hunting clothes and made sure to pack a snack and get his gun.  Pops arrived just on time and everyone was sooooo excited.

Until Pops set Wes in the truck and Wes said, "I don't wanna go Pops."  And without missing a beat, Pops set him back out of the truck and said, "I'm still going."  :)

Maybe for the next hunting adventure, Wes will be brave enough to actually go.  At least he looked cute in his hunting clothes.

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