Thursday, December 22, 2011

NC Christmas!

We recently traveled afar for a family Christmas celebration.  Josie and Wes think "Norf Cawowina" is a really exciting faraway land....its all about how you play up the destination, you know?  When we arrived in NC (Cary to be exact....only 4 hours away from home), Josie and Wes excitedly screamed, "Oh, its beautiful."  HA!  It is though, and the most beautiful part is that we go there to visit with Pop's brother and sister.  

Most of the time is spent sitting around catching up on all that happened since the last time we saw each other, listening to stories from the 3 of them about their childhood, and generally just having a belly-laughing good time.

There's a special bond that siblings have, that when you get them all together, and in the right setting (and a Christmas celebration is one), the 3 adults revert back to their childhood years, in a fun way.

We of course did the gift exchange thing and Wes got a matchbox toy car set....naturally, the first thing he wanted to do was get it out and play with it.  A grande time was had by all, and Wes frequently asks when we're going back to 'Norf Cawowina'.  I'm glad the kids have fun around these people that were so special to me in my childhood (and today too).  

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