Tuesday, February 21, 2012

The ponies!

Last year we went to the Shriner Circus here in town.  We loved it and knew it was an event we'd like to go back to.  The kids had been talking about it for weeks and everyone was pumped to see all of the animals.  Josie especially wanted to ride the ponies.  Although I am shrewd (a King at heart) and don't typically let them ride the extra stuff (I know, I'm a horrible mom), at the Shriner Circus all of the proceeds go to benefit the Shriner's causes (which if you don't know about are AWESOME).  Anyway, I told Josie she absolutely could ride the ponies (for $7 each...geez).  Anyway, the big moment arrived, I had camera in hand and Dave was walking alongside Wes's pony.  This is what I got....

"Hey Josie, look at me and smile....show me how much you like riding the ponies."  

Yeah, some things just aren't all they're cracked up to being...

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