Thursday, March 22, 2012

Play Ball!

After much waffling (soccer or baseball, soccer or baseball), Josie and Wes decided that soccer would be the first 'organized' sport they will play.  So far, they LOVE it.  Running around for a solid hour kicking a ball is SO MUCH FUN to them. 

They've had about 3 weeks of practices and two scrimmages and tonight is the big night....the first game.  So far, Josie played goalie in one scrimmage...she did really well stopping the ball, but after she got it, she went down the field to try to score, leaving the goal wide open :)

And Wes loves practice but gets a bit overwhelmed during a game with 8 other kids competing for the same ball.  He'd much rather have his own ball and just kick it in the goal over and over (like at practice). :)  We'll let you know how they do tonight at their first game.  Its always interesting, if nothing else.

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