Tuesday, August 21, 2012

First Day of REAL School! Kindergarten!

The anticipation has been building for weeks now.  Josie starts kindergarten this fall.  I've been anxious and nervous and she's been excited and ready!  Her aunt Jessie has 'talked up' kindergarten for the last 3 years, so Josie was ready to embark on this new endeavor.

After her breakfast of champions, waffles, we went outside to take the ever-important 'first day of school' pictures.  Yet this time, my baby wasn't going to preschool.  She was going to REAL SCHOOL!  WHAT?

I kept my cool all morning...it helped that daddy went with us to drop her off.  I may have melted into a puddle of mush right there in the middle of 'Rainbow Row' (where you have to say your final goodbyes inside the school....they don't let you walk the kids into the classrooms anymore).

So, after dropping her off at school, Wes and I, entertained ourselves by going to the grocery store and eating lunch with JoJo :)  We eagerly awaited until it was time for the bus!

And then we saw her.  She looked shell shocked from a long day at school.  Luckily she rides the bus with about 7 other kids on our road, so she wasn't alone (she insisted on riding).

She couldn't stop talking about her day. She saw the 'boss's office' (principal's office) and met her librarian.  She played Candyland and read 3 whole books.  She rode the school bus that doesn't have seat belts or air conditioner.  Most importantly she loved everything about it and is ready to go again!  I was so afraid she'd come home and not like something, but that wasn't the case at all.  She told me that school was the best thing in the world.  Good thing cause she's only got another 20+ years of it!  

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  1. I am so excited to see you are back!!! Glad Josie had a good first day!! She looks absolutely beautiful!