Monday, August 27, 2012

For the Fun of Museums

We've been to the one week.  Yep, two different museums, but we've been twice.  I can't say that the kids have ever been to a museum before, or that I've been in the last 15 years, but this past week, we went to two different ones :)

In Columbia, we have a local children's museum.  BobBob bought a pass over the summer, so that all the kids could go whenever they want.  We finally made a trip last week and they loved it.  Everything there is kid sized, so they could 'pretend' to be anything they want...from grocery store shoppers, to operating room technicians,

to shrimp boat operators (who are prepped with the ever necessary Pluto hat),

to weather forecasters (Pops will really appreciate this it sad that my kids can find the Weather Channel icon on the computer or Ipad and then CORRECTLY relay the weather information to those that need to know it).

Anyway, the kids really enjoyed their day at the local children's museum.  Then Saturday, Dave's work got in free at the SC State museum, so we took the chance to go and see some 'really old stuff' (as Josie calls it).

The kids liked the science area the best...and again, got to play with all the gadgets and pretend like they were astronomers.

We had no idea how much fun it could be to go to the museum.  Better yet, I think it was just spending a couple of mornings together that made it so much fun!  But we also learned a lot in the process.  Maybe we'll get back there before another bundle of years pass.  

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