Tuesday, September 11, 2012

It's Raining, It's Pouring, but We're Still Riding Bikes!

We've fallen in love with riding our bikes lately.  Now that everyone understands the forward motion of the pedals, and momma doesn't have to push someone every 2 feet, we ride our bikes every chance we get.

And lately, we've had several heavy rain storms.  Like the 100-year, 3" rainfall kind of storms.  These storms make for some INCREDIBLE puddles and washing areas in our yard.

So what better thing to do when the rain is over than to participate in our favorite activity...bike riding.  There are 'lakes' to splash through and  'streams' to cross!

(also please note the clothes hanging on the line in the background...inevitably, if I leave them up hanging the storm will come...if I take them in, the storm will go around us...its an old trick JoJo taught us).

At least this keeps them entertained while Dave and I work on unstopping all the clogged ditches and stopped up drain pipes to cause the huge wash.  Of course, then that takes away from their streams and lakes....

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