Monday, January 21, 2013

Ice Skating for a Birthday Party

Josie will be 6!!  Can you believe it.  In just 2 days, Josie will be 6 years old.  Instead of a party with lots of friends, we convinced Josie that it'd be tons of fun to have one special friend (Karli, below) over for a spend the night party, complete with an afternoon of ice skating.

So, we took the girls ice skating Monday since they were out of school.  They had a GREAT time.  Josie was a natural...even skating with her hands in her pockets.She thought it was so cool to bring a friend along on a family outing.

But she still liked skating with her daddy!

Wes came along too, and although this picture captured him on his tail, he actually skated really well!!

We even got BobBob out on the ice.  She LOVED it too.

The girls had a great time getting to skate 'all by themselves'.  It was a great time for a little girl's birthday!

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