Wednesday, June 11, 2014

The First Swim Meet

On Monday night we had our first swim meet....the kids and I had NO IDEA what we were getting into.  All I knew is that my big kids enjoy swimming, so I thought this would be a fun opportunity for them.  

We've had practices since the first of May, but Monday night was different....they were racing against other kids.  

So we showed up at the meet and thank goodness we found some familiar faces.....Caroline (a girl from our church) swims also....and as you can see, she's older, so this wasn't her first rodeo.  She and her mom, Ms. Amy, took Josie and Wes under their wings and made sure they got to the blocks when it was their time to swim.  Me, I'm still trying to remember if Josie does breast stroke or butterfly stroke....I haven't quite figured out the difference between those two.  

But when it was their time, the kids would proudly get on the block and would swim their little hearts out.  Wes only did the 25 freestyle (basically just regular old swimming for one length of the pool).  Its hilarious to watch cause there is a frog dive off the blocks followed by swimming his heart out with the occassional turn of his head to make sure he's not in last place.

Josie's best event is the backstroke....this is her getting ready for the start.  She did excellent as well and kept up with kids that are much older than her.  Its neat to see her practicing her form so that she gets the most speed.

 Both of the kids love swimming and I'll be honest, the meet was pretty fun to watch.  I had the biggest smile on my face watching my kids swim the length of the pool beside kids that had done it for a couple of years already.  This might be our thing folks!  

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