Monday, June 29, 2009

Lake Sunday

Daddy worked all weekend, so when BobBob and Pops came home from their mountain vacation on Sunday, we made our way to their house. And when at their house, the lake immediately becomes our entertainment. It was HOT! It must've been because BobBob rarely gets in the water...of course, grandchildren can convince you to do almost anything.

Then the babies moved onto playing on the shoreline. (You can see Pops beautifully built fire pit in the background. He built it 4 years ago and up until then, the lake NEVER reached 360 - its full point. Since he built it, the lake has hovered at 360 every year, hence, a waterlogged fire pit. The couple of times we've used it, the food has been great. He also has a patio that's underneath the water too. You'd think living on the lake for 35 years, he'd know better than to build below the 360 line....)

Wes as always, enjoyed a snack. Notice he knows how to get them himself now.
Then the babies finished off the day by playing in their "boat".

Ca-ca (Erica) and Matt were on the lake, so they stopped by for a while and then Jess and Edwie came over with Remmi. It was nice to have the family all in one place and at a little quieter pace (than from the wedding last week). Jess and Edwin enjoyed a nice honeymoon and BobBob and Pops had a great time in the mountains last week.
Its a good thing we got to play a little bit yesterday because Pops is going to pick up corn from our good friends, Roger & Ginger, today, we're having 14 pallets of sod delivered on Thursday, and the garden is producing bountifully. We have a very full week ahead of us.

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