Wednesday, June 24, 2009


This picture, taken by Jess's fabulous photographer, sums up the entire wedding weekend. FUN!!

Wes enjoyed his pre-gametime (walking down the aisle) snack. I swear this boy eats everywhere. But doesn't he look sharp??

The reception was HOT! I've never seen people smile and sweat as much as I did this weekend.

Josie loved the attention she got from all the bridesmaids. She got her hair done and even wore a feather just like Aunt Jessie. Of course, she wanted Jess to pick her up during the wedding and that caused a bit of a cry, but all was well because Aunt Nikki came to the rescue. They finished watching the ceremony from the back of the church.

Jess was absolutely stunning in her dress and she and Edwin had a BALL!! They are now enjoying their honeymoon in Mexico and will be back on Saturday. I'm sure she'll share lots of pictures with you on her blog when she returns.

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