Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Water Bugs

The babies LOVE water. They love it in the bathtub; they love it in the lake; they love it in the ocean. We had never been to a pool before, so we weren't sure about their love of chlorine water. But, just as we suspected, they loved the pool too.

Josie insisted on swimming "all by myself". She did really well.

Wes just wanted to kick his legs while someone held him. He's our lazy boy.

We're really happy that the babies love the water because we are around it constantly. We have a boat; BobBob and Pops live on the lake; and we visit the beach several times a year. So, if they had been afraid of the water, we'd be drastically changing our lifestyles. But, it looks like they'll love, appreciate, and respect the water, just like everyone else in our family.

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