Sunday, September 6, 2009

Are You Ready for Some Football?!?!

It's tailgating time around the South! And we didn't hesitate to bring the little ones. Clemson had a home game against Middle Tennessee State University. We arrived around noon and the game started at 6. The kids were such sports. They got a little cranky at the beginning of the game, but Wes fell asleep before kickoff (actually right as CJ was running his TD back, he went limp on my shoulder...I knew he was out). Anyway, we took lots of pictures while we were tailgating. The babies really really did well. They played football or basketball most of the day.

Josie and her dad in front of the tailgate!!

One of the best parts about tailgating are meeting the random people that are tailgating around you. I'm sure if it was just Dave and I, we wouldn't have had the enormous amounts of people to come up and talk to us, but Josie and Wes are like people magnets. Wes spent most of his time playing with the guys in the "all guys" tailgate across from us. They all commented on the age of their kids and how they haven't "attempted" to bring them to a game yet. Haha, I guess we're just daredevils.

Clemson has started a new tradition of the Tiger Walk (actually Dabo started it last year when he took over). Anyway, this was the first time we had been to it, and if I have any say, we'll go to it at every game. The players walk into the stadium among a line of fans. They are in their "street clothes" (suits) and really appreciate everyone coming out to cheer them on. Either Josie or Wes got a high five from nearly all of them.

Dave and I love Clemson football and are glad that we are able to have the babies join us in a couple of games a year. Oh yeah, GO TIGERS!!!

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