Wednesday, September 2, 2009

First Day of School

Most of the kids around here have already started back to school, but for us, the fun started this week. Josie and Wesley go to two preschool programs, so they are in school each morning from 8-12. Today was the first day of school at one of the preschool programs.

Josie was beside herself with excitement.

She had her bookbag packed the night before and has been talking about school for weeks.

Wes on the other hand....

Well, he was not so excited....

He'd much rather stay at home playing.....

I had to drag him away from his toys this morning to put him in the car.

Even once we got to the building, Josie had to persuade Wes go to inside. He was still dilly dallying.

But once we got there, they both played and started having fun immediately. When I picked them up, the teachers said that Wes was definitely ready for a nap and that Josie was a chatterbox....imagine that.

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