Monday, September 21, 2009

Big Toys

Apparently the bigger the toys, the more the monkeys like them.

A neighbor had parked his corn picker at Pa's this weekend to cut the field that Pa let's him plant in deer corn. The monkey's eyes got huge when we pulled into Pa's house and they saw this HUGE piece of equipment. Wes is obsessed with tires, so this was his first choice of place to play.

Then the two made their way to the cab where they vied for position at the steering wheel.

You can see who won (actually he's winning most of the battles these days...Josie's day of reign is nearly over).

They had a great time climbing in and out and around and through....basically all over the corn picker (and FYI...I'm sure this thing has a technical name that Dave will enlighten me on later, but for now, it picks corn so its a "corn picker").

They're gonna be upset when they realize this huge piece of equipment is gone next weekend.

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