Friday, September 18, 2009

High School Football

The monkey's cousin, Devin, is playing JV football so last night we watched his game at CHS.

He's a running back and we're waiting on him to score his first TD. It's fun and intense watching these high school JV games.
The babies could really care less what's going on and were more worried about playing with people....Josie is attached to Aunt Sha Sha...
or playing with tractors suits Wes just fine (who would've thunk, right?).

We do enjoy going to watch Devin play. As you can see, Josie sports her button and we try to dress the babies in blue and white (Josie picked out her outfit that day...this is a new thing for her lately).
Mom and Dad are off to a baby-less Clemson game tomorrow. GO TIGERS!!

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