Thursday, September 10, 2009

Country Boy

Wes is the definition of Country Boy. He spends most of his day exploring the outdoors: diggin' in the dirt, climbin' on things he's not supposed to, pushin' around trucks or tractors. He's all boy....Country Boy.
Climbin' on the gator proved to be no small feat to him....

But he made it....then found a bug and watched it crawl on his arm....

And when you play hard, you go down hard....sometimes you can't even make it back to the house before you fall out....

I love my little Country Boy.

Side note: I feel like I should be playin' some Hank in the background of this blog post...


  1. He is so darn cute! The entire time I was reading the post the song "Country Boy" was playing in my head. Ha.

    Love the pictures you post. They are absolutely adorable!

  2. I cant wait till my little man can fit into those overalls. Although, Houston prob. wont be able to pull it off like Wes does.