Thursday, November 19, 2009

Puddles, a Boy's Best Friend

Wes cannot be left alone. Well, I say that. Honestly, most of the time he plays alone. But, left to his own devices, he will definitely come up with the messiest thing to play with....and most of the time its not toys.

With Hurricane Ida (and the 6 inches of rain that she brought) and a rainy fall here in SC, we've got lots of mud puddles that are constant around our home. So, the idea of letting the babies play outside really questions my sanity because it always involves a post-playing change of clothes as well as a quick rinse of the body.

This is a sampling of what happens at least twice a week. We rush outside right at 5:00 because the "dark comes" (as Josie says) at 5:45. When I get the babies outside playing comfortably with toys and in an area where there are no mud puddles, I rush in to stir the dinner that's simmering on the stove. And this is what awaits me when I return:

And sometimes I'm too lazy to correct him and just grab my camera instead.

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