Monday, November 16, 2009


Yep, its Monday, so its only appropriate we talk about school. But this is a different kind of school.....where Josie is the teacher and Wes doesn't really know any better than to not participate. Welcome to Classroom Josie (as Josie calls it).

Today's lesson was reading. Josie picked out her favorite book (which by the way, I'm so proud that it is the "Jesus Storybook"). Then she organizes Wes and her babydoll so they can both see the pages. And she reads to them.

Wes listens intently and every now and then joins in the reading by saying "dog" or "duck". Or pointing them out on the cover.

But Josie is not one dimensional in her teaching. She takes Wes's hand and helps him count things in the book to incorporate a little math into the day's lesson.

Is this the makings of a future school teacher?

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  1. Ha! Too funny and so very cute. I used to make my brothers, especially Owens, sit for hours and listen to me teach. Owens still holds it against me.