Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Common Conversations These Days

Josie: Look Momma, was Wes this little one day?
Me: Yes, Josie, now please put Baby Jesus back in the manger scene.

Josie: Momma, look at those Christmas lights.
Me: Yes, they are nice aren't they.
Josie: Momma, they are AMAZING.

Josie: Momma, here are my socks.
Me: Well, put them in the laundry room where they belong so that I can wash them.
Josie: I'd rather hang them by the fireplace like daddy's socks. (the stockings)

Josie: Momma, when Baby Houston comes, will he have the same birthday as Baby Jesus.
Me: Um, maybe....

Josie: Momma, Wesman needs to talk soon so I don't have to keep telling people what he wants.
Me: That's very nice of you to encourage Wes to talk.