Tuesday, December 8, 2009

The Tree is Decorated

Our tree is 13' 8". She is a beast. Dave had a much easier time getting her in the house this year with my help than the past couple of years (when I've been pregnant and pretty much useless....ok, last year I wasn't pregnant, but Wes was attached to my hip).

After getting it in the house, Josie was excited about the big reveal (and most helpful at picking the string up off the ground.

Then we pulled down all the boxes (most of which are still scattered about my living room) and started stringing up the lights. After a tiny bit of work, the babies gave up and started playing on the ladder. (Excuse the football game in the background...we started out with Christmas music, but ended up with football...somehow Dave got the remote).

And here's what she looks like all gussied up. She's beautiful. Prettiest tree yet (although we say that every year).

The season is definitely approaching!! And we can't wait!

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