Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Painting Nails

You may remember this post when Josie decided to paint her own fingernails. She loves makeup and fingernail polish and she got a lot of it from family members for her birthday.

The conversation goes like this:

Josie: Wes, you want me to paint your toenails?
Wes: Uh huh
Josie: You want pink or purple?
Wes: Uh huh
Josie: You have to be still buddy.
Wes: Uh huh
As you can tell, Wes isn't much of a conersationalist. He is, however, very compliant with Josie's requests. (He'll make a good husband one day :))
Then Wes decides to take the reigns.

And luckily, they usually play with the clear....

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