Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Mmmmmmm, Cupcakes

After church on Sunday, we go to JoJo's to celebrate different occassions. Most recently was Linda's birthday. Before that, we celebrated Valentine's Day. Some Sundays we celebrate the fact that we are alive and it is Sunday. They are all excuses for us to get together each and every Sunday after church at JoJo's house, and more importantly an excuse for us to eat her cooking.

We all have our special foods that she prepares exclusively for our occasion . My special dinner is stew beef. Erica and Jess enjoy her fried chicken. Mom, Dad, and Fred get her special made liver nips. She's still experimenting which foods the babies like best for their special dinners, but on Valentine's Day, I think she found one of Wes's favorites.....cupcakes....

We don't have very many sweets eaters in our family, so a lot of times JoJo's cakes/pies may go uneaten (or not finished off). I think JoJo may have just found her finisher in Wes.

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